Thursday, 21 May 2015

Lets make a Graveyard!!

Now that puppets are all out the way we can finally begin working on sets for the animation. Bloody Mary consists of four sets:

The Graveyard
The WorkBridge
The Cauldron/Potion room
The Mirror room

The graveyard is the only set I will be building while the other 3 will be constructed by the set design department.
 I began by laying out a few sheets of Mod roc that had been dripped into water. this is going to form the top of the Graveyard. 

I applied about 6-7 layers of this while also placing blocks of foam and polystyrene in between them to act as rocks and uneven ground. 

The top was coated with plaster to fill in the gaps and make the set look more like dirt.

While that was setting I prepared some paint mixtures for laying the dirt in. I used two colours that resembled dirt and gravel to try and make the ground look as earthy as possible. 

Whilst attending the workshop where my other sets will be produced, I found a small piece of fake moss which was used as part of a farm set they had produced. I asked if I could take the moss and they obliged so it was an ideal find for my set. 

 Here is the moss sheet which I ripped into smaller sections and glued down on across the set. 
While prepping the graveyard I also came across this small playmobile spade. It was an ideal scale so I decided to modify it for the Graveyard.

I cut it in half using a rotary tool and fitted a piece of round K&S to lengthen the handle. 
Using white spray paint I then gave the spade a light coat for painting later. I sadly forgot to photograph the spade with its final details so I shall use descriptive language to assist you.

 "The handle was a muddy brown indicating plenty of use while digging. The head and the end of the spade were a dark grey but showed signs of withering and age for they were caked with rust and dirt".

The grave now painted and with moss added as well really helps enhance the look that the graveyard has been abandoned for years. Hey look Gravestones! We'll be having a look at those in my next blog post so STAY TUNED!!

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