Thursday, 21 May 2015


Onto the last puppet, the ghost. These little characters are the ones who collect the pumpkins once they are carved. I wanted them to have a traditional Ghost look to them.
I begun by producing a sculpt of how i wanted the Ghosts to look. A lot of people were very fond of the idea of one eye being smaller than the other.

Once sculpted i then produced a small box out of foam board around the sculpt which I then filled with plaster to create a one part mould. 

Half a day later and the mould is complete and ready for casting. The idea is to paint a thin layer of white Silicone on the inside to resemble a sheet Ghost.

 Sadly the sculpt did not survive... but its Ghost it can't die again!
 I then set about mixing up a batch of white silicone which I poured into the mould. As it set I occasionally gave a mould a slow turn to make sure an even and flat coat was produced. 
Ready to go into the mould!!

First attempt.. didn't quite work. The layer was so thin that it broke as I pulled it out. So lets try again!

Second attempt... SUCCESS! There was a small air bubble in the smaller eye but once the eyes were painted in with black silicone, no one seemed to notice.

One little ickle Ghost ready to go!!

Now the idea for animating was to have the ghost on a rig arm and animate it separately from the other characters on camera to allow me to add in post production effects to make it see through and more Ghost like. 

This is the rig which the Ghost will sit on as it is being animated against blue screen.

A small K&S stick was attached on the inside which allowed for the rig to slip on and off of the puppet for easy rigging. And just like that the Ghost and indeed all the puppets are all ready and prepped to go.

Next time we will be looking at props and sets after so long!! SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

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