Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Lets play Bloody Mary dress up

For making bloody Marys coat and hat I wanted a colour that would contrast and stand out with the cave environment and suit her energetic character. So Magenta was my first choice for this.

We began by making a template of the coat that would fit around Marys body and then trail off into the coat tails. We did this by making a mock up coat in paper and then using it as a template for the purpose of cutting the fabric for the coat. 

 So here is the fabric all cut out to scale. However to help with animating Marys coat we decided to fir the tails with Black foil, originally used for lights but is also a sturdy material and ideal for animating with.

 To help fit the foil into the tails we made two cut outs which we then stitched together along the very edge of the coat. This was then turned inside out before the foil was slowly (And i do mean slowly) inserted into the coat. 

Using Tweezers we managed to get inside the gap in the coat in order to flatten out the foil. 

We set that aside breifly and began working on the accessories for the coat which included the trims for the coat and the collar area. We cut out a small series of collars that would be glued around the collar area. 

 Once the collar and trims were cut we had them ironed to remove any creases and to help make the collar look much neater for gluing on.

For her sleeves we just measured from the elbow section of Marys arms to her shoulder. We then added an extra 2 cm and then cut out two squares of fabric which were then glued down onto the arms. 

We left the extra 2 cm at the end unglued as this was going to be stitched into the coat when we came to connect the arms to the rest of the puppet. 
the next step was to finally fit everything together starting with the main section of the coat. Once attached we then had to stitch on the sleeves around the shoulder joints. 

 The last thing to do was to finally assemble the coat to make sure that the pieces all fitted neatly together. 
We used black sequins to act as buttons for the cuffs and front of the coat as an added accessory. 

So here we are. Mary is now all suited up and so far so good. Somethings missing though... OF COURSE! HER HEAD!! Coming up next!

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