Monday, 26 January 2015

Making Legs

 For casting the legs, i was recommended to cast the legs to just below the boob line so I sculpted the legs and waist out of plasticine.
I used lighter fluid to help make the sculpt soft for the sculpting and smooth out the sides so that the puppet wouldn't have any irregular lumps or bumps in it.
 I use Lego for the frame because it is much easier to make square shaped molds this way... plus at heart I am still 7.

 After a lot of plaster being used up, I had two halves of a leg mold all done and dusted.
 They had a few air bubbles in them but with the help of some Mulliput I was able to smooth those out.

 The only problem was some parts of the mold chipped and cracked when they were opened so I reckon a lot more mulliput sculpting is required in order to tidy them.
The armature is now ready for leg casting... just need to pad it out and we're good to go. Sadly the plasticine mold did not survive. But you know what they say. "Sometimes one must be sacrificed for the good of many".

Building high heels

 The high heel joint was going to be the trickiest modification for the armature so I thought first things first, lets sort this out and get that ready for casting.
 Above are the numerous pieces that make up the high heel joint I will be producing. The main foot piece is a small sheet of aluminum with a bolt running through the heel. Since her feet are too small for magnets to work, I am having to use tie downs for her. 
 The aluminum was bent into the shape needed for the armature foot and then had two holes drilled into it. one for the tie downs and one for the heel bolt to run through.
 After that I then atttached the first set of parts together. The nuts were taken from the old armature feet and used for screwing the tie downs into the foot base.
 The original joint for the toes was modified to become the joint for the ankle. This was then attached to a second sheet of smaller aluminum. I then used no more nails and epoxy to attach this to the front of the heel piece.
 I then found out though that the joint was rather delicate so I had to enhance it with mulliput. This in turn though made the whole foot rather bulky. I used a rotary tool to sand down the foot into shape and cut off the front half of the joint.
 The result is shown above and what is best is that the screw that strengthens the joint is still accessible in case the ankle becomes too loose. 
After that i then sculpted over with... Sculpy in order to begin the next stage in the process, the casting.

As it stands i am extremely pleased with the way the armature has turned out. 

I look forward to sharing with you the next parts of the process. STAY TUNED!!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Bloody Mary Animatic

So you wanna see the final result?... Sadly Its still in production but the animatic is all ready to go.

Blogger doesn't like to show my videos for some reason so all i can supply is the Vimeo URL that will lead you to your destin, I mean lead you tot eh link.


Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Props and relics

 So here is the concept for the props I would like to decorate Marys workshop with. Since her room is where she prepares the treats that the children receive, we wanted the props to relate to what she does, but they also had to have an occult and magical twist to them.
 These are the larger props that are seen in marys workshop. There are two sets of the shelves with large books scattered about which Mary uses to reach the top shelf. 
In the centre of the room sits a large caulron which is where Mary does her work.
 Mary workshop has dozens of these relics whih remind her of previous Halloweens that have gone by. Consisitng of Dream Catchers, puppets, skulls and lanterns they act as Mementos for Mary.

 These were designs that we did for how the bottles of ingredients would look like. We tried a number of different shapes and sizes but I think in the end we settled for the more traditional looking bottle shape.

The work Bridge props are fewer but they are more detailed and complex, consisting of equipment that the Trickers use to inspect the treats before preping them and sending them of.

Their work desks are what most of these props sit on and where the Trickers carve the Jack O lanterns out. So to show this we liked the idea of having pumpkin splatters and stains all over the desk.

Once carved, they are then labelled with the Pumpkin Tokens which show what continent the Jack O lantern will be shipped to.

Monday, 12 January 2015

More of Bloody Mary

So we have finally handed in for our Pre-Production so I thought what better way to celebrate (other than to go out for a few drinks) was to give you guys a quick update on what I have been working on.

So by now all character, set and story concept has been finalised. Below you will see examples of final and details character design as well as set concept set finals and insights into such things as the armature builds and set layouts for the final production. 

So here is a handful of expression sheets, action poses, concept details and other little treats for you guys.

Coming up next! Set design!!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Bloody Mary sneak peeks!!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!
Secondly, I apologies for not updating in a while... again. But to give you guys an insight into the work being produced for my upcoming animation, I have a few slides of concept I am willing to share.

 To begin with, here is a look at one of the characters you haven't seen yet. these are simply referred to as the Ghosts, pesky little things who are always curiously poking their noses into all the work around them. 

 Altogether there are just the 3 types of character. Bloody Mary who is the leader of the Domain she works in and whom is in charge of the Trickers. These little puppet like creatures are tasked with carving the Jack o Lanterns for the children of the world while Mary has to come up with the treats that will be received inside.

 Here are the designs made for the jack o Lanterns. I really like that one!... No, no wait... that one actually.

 Of course, all these characters are under a rather tight schedule. To make sure they meet their deadlines, all look to the Hallows clock which depicts time, day, month and year as well as shows how much time there is between the present and the next Halloween. 

 The Trickers work along the Work bridge which sits between Mary's Workshop and the mirror room which leads to the outside world. 

 Since this is about Bloody Marys role in our world, we needed to relate to the mirror myth we are all familiar with when it comes to bloody Mary. Here in the centre of the room sits a large globe which allows Mary to access any part of the world she chooses. 

Once done so and after Chanting 'Bloody mary' three times, these mirrors become gateways to our world.

The globe looks so pretty doesn't it.

SO there you have it. A few snippets of what to expect. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks at what to expect in Bloody Mary.