Monday, 8 December 2014

New Brief time!!!

Hello again!! Haven't posted on here for a very long time now due to the mountains of work that have been tumbling my way, but never the less i soldier on!

So now we are onto pre-production for our final year film. After the success of 'WEEPING MER' I wanted to tackle another unusual subject. This time its all about Halloween.

Here I have decided to tackle of subject of giving Halloween its own folklore figure similar to Santa and Easter bunny. I have chosen to use the well known ghost that is Bloody Mary was the main character for my upcoming animation with the same name.
Rather than go down the route of making her a dark and creepy old hag, i have chosen to take her design in the opposite direction and make her a more youthful and energetic looking woman.

The animation is all about how Mary makes preparations for yet another Halloween. Within her Domain she oversees the making of the Jack O lanterns which children receive along with the treats that are distributed on the night of halloween.

Within her underground Domain are numerous creatures which are known as Trickers. They are the equivalent to the elves of Santas toy shop for these are the ones who do all the heavy work which includes carving the pumpkins, filling them with treats and having them sent off around the world. 

The whole animation will pay homage to everything classical about Halloween. 
From the gothic style to the the spooky relics and iconic things that we are all familiar with on the night of Halloween but I shall be taking all of these concepts and adding a slight twist to them in a way that you may not expect to see Halloween in.

We are still in pre-production at the moment so I shall be posting more work showing the ideas that are in stall so please stay tuned!!!