Monday, 25 November 2013

stitching legs

For the trousers I wanted them to have a slight crudity to them so that it would go with the scarecorw look. I started off by wrapping the legs I had made with kling film and then covering that with masking tape. This was eventually cut and left a templatye for me to work with.
I then took a sheet of brown fabric and draw out the outlines for where I would cut to make the trousers. Once cut, I swewd the two halves of the trousers together. These were then turned inside out and attached to the puppet. I then tied up the trousers near the hips and knees to make it look like they were stuffed with straw and then stitched up.

 The trousers are meant to look as though they are aged and old so I had them teabag dyed to give them a duller brownish colour. I also cut a smal slit at the top so that the belly would poke out the front more. Over all I was rather pleased with the general look of the trosuers except the fabric was quite weak so they were a little bit loose in some places.

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