Monday, 10 June 2013

The hands

For the hands I began by creating a negative mould which involved the process of sculpting the hands first out of plasticine so that they can be moulded in order to create the actual latex hands.

Once these were shaped I then had to cast them in plaster. I made the base first before removing the hands and applying a load of vaseline to prevent it from sticking, before making the top half of the mould for the hands.
I also made sure to include details such as wrinkles and other small markings on the hand just to help give the final moulds a much neater look about them.
The hands also had K&S brass attached to the wrist areas so that if they became damaged then they would be easily removable to help with repair.

Once the final moulds were casted I then set them aside for about 4-5 hours to make sure they had thoroughly set. like the head, I added paint to the latex to give it a skin colour.

However one thing i noticed was that upon removing the hands, the plaster had cracked slightly, meaning the latex had a number of hair line grooves on the back of them. At first I was concerned but then realised that these added to the look of the hands, making them seem like old man hands which was what I was going for.

The last few steps involved trimming off the parts of the latex I didn't need and adding paint textures such as liver spots, applying the K&S brass to the ends of each hand and highlighting the grooves of the hand to make them seem a tad more realistic.

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