Monday, 10 June 2013

Puppet build 1: The head

The head was fairly tricky to work on as it had a fairly solid centre which was constructed using bolster wood which  on the plus side is both sturdy and light so i didn't have to worry too much about the head coming off.

The ears, nose, chin and neck were made from three different thicknesses of wire. While the ears, nose and chin were simple covered in mulliput and latex, the neck was covered in heat shrink tubing to prevent it from breaking as that would be very upsetting and would probably make me cry... a lot.

The moustache and eye brows were made of just simple wire which was then wrapped in white wool like fabric to give the appearance of old, white hair. I then had these drilled into the head after the latexing process which was probably the fiddliest process.

In the end I used around 4-5 layers of latex for the head, the last two were mixed with cream coloured paint to give it a skin like colouring. I painted out a thin sheet of latex on the table as well which when dry, I cut into two little squares and stuck on either side of the chin to make the cheeks.

 His mouth was filled with plasticine which allowed the chin to move up and down but at the same time for me to stick on the mouth pieces really easily.

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