Monday, 10 June 2013

Legs and feet casting

Like the arms, the legs were constructed with wire that had been coiled to make it stronger for animation. I added heat shrink tubing which strengthened the lower half of the legs (Just in case they decided to turn against me and break). Mulliput was then placed around the upper and lower legs, leaving the waist, knees and ankles free for movement. 
Foam was added to the knees and waist so that the whole leg would be the same width. 

That was the easy part for the lower half. The most difficult part was casting the feet as my character has heeled boots. To do this i started by making a plasticine mould of the feet and how I wanted them to look. before then casting them in a mould so that I could begin work on making the actual moulds that the puppet would use. 

The negative mould turned out rather nicely but left me with a problem. There was a huge gap where the heel was supposed to be. So work around this I started by filling the moulds with latex which I had made brown by adding pigment and paint. 

I placed a wire and two washers that had been cut so that they would make the feet magnetic for when it came to actually animating the puppet. 

Once this was done I had to wait... again... until the feet were properly dry and then just like the hands, I had to trim and tidy the feet before having to cut out the back end of the foot for the heel to go in. 

The final steps involved making the heel which was actually constructed by sandwiching two halves of a washer between two small pieces of bolster wood. I did this for both feet before latexing and gluing them to the base of the feet so that they were extra secure.

By having the washer pieces inside the heel, it would mean the foot would be able to stick to the magnet so when I'm animating, the puppet will stand up right. 

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